TMC’s best-attended event is always its Town Meeting and Fleet Operators’ Forum. TMC’s Town Meeting provides an opportunity for the Council to present members and attendees with information about what’s happening within TMC. Reports are provided regarding Council membership, meetings, and exhibits, as well as TMC Recommended Practices, information reports, technical policy advisories and products. Additionally, a federal regulatory report is provided by a senior representative of ATA’s regulatory and policy affairs department.

TMC’s Silver Spark Plug Awards will be presented during the Town Meeting as well. The Silver Spark Plug is TMC’s highest honor.

TMC’s Fleet Operators’ Forum immediately follows the Town Meeting.

At the Fleet Operators’ Forum, fleet attendees bring up equipment problems that they have been unable to resolve successfully with their product manufacturer or supplier. An update is given later during the week at TMC’s Fleet Operators’ Forum Wrap-up. If you have an issue you wish raised, please contact TMC at (703) 838-1763 or use the following link to report your issue: