There seems to be no end to the parade of new in-cab devices and technologies that are being offered to fleet managers today. These various in-cab solutions offer great potential to increase safety and improve productivity, but fleets have to balance their application against their costs of acquisition, maintenance and training.

Training technicians and drivers on how to maintain and use these options most effectively can be a real challenge. How has your fleet fared integrating new technological marvels into your operation?

During this session, our panel of experts will present what they believe to be effective training techniques for a variety of in-cab devices and technologies. Attendees will hear ideas on how fleets and manufacturers are preparing fleet personnel in the face of industry challenges such as:

• Workforce turnover (e.g., new drivers and technicians)
• Equipment turnover (e.g., new units and components)
• Training drivers on differing tractor models
• New or company policy updates due to new technology or general policy changes

Among the technologies panelists will address include:
• Driver and road-facing event recorder cameras.
• Speed or Idle reduction tech and policy updates
• Converting from mirrors to cameras

If your fleet is adding new technologies such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), this is a session you must attend.