Many engineers and technical professionals are experts in their chosen fields, but will candidly admit communicating their knowledge and expertise effectively can be quite challenging. Does this sound familiar? Do you find yourself wishing you could be more effective in delivering presentations?

During this management session, TMC presents proven strategies for preparing powerful business presentations. Communication consultant and coach, Deborah Boswell, designed this class to help anyone who wants to project confidence and credibility when delivering presentations. Boswell presented on this topic at TMC’s 2018 Annual Meeting and received high marks for her impactful insights on how to overcome what for many is their number one fear — public speaking.

Topics covered during this management session
will include:
• grabbing your audience with the first words spoken
• minimizing Powerpoint for maximum impact
• overcoming fear and shyness associated with public speaking
• presenting technical information clearly, concisely and persuasively
• mastering voice projection, articulation, pace, body language, eye contact and gestures
• using audience involvement techniques to identify and handle questions

Clear and concise presentations make a positive impact on earning ability and the company bottom line. Attend this session and learn ways to improve your communication skills for personal and business growth.