Technical Session #2

Manufacturers and suppliers have been rapidly developing and testing automated driving systems (ADS) for use in commercial vehicles in recent years. However, other stakeholders in the road freight ecosystem — such as fleets, shippers, brokers, state governments, and service and maintenance providers —do not have a clear picture of how ADS will fit into their daily operations. At present, technical progress in this promising technology is outpacing the ability of truck fleets to plan for ADS deployment. This adversely affects adoption by truck fleets and associated industries, resulting in the delayed realization of safety, productivity, and efficiency benefits of ADS- equipped trucks. If ADS is to gain traction in the U.S. trucking industry, current stakeholders and new entrants need a rigorous, data-driven Fleet Concept of Operations (or CONOPS).

A CONOPS is a comprehensive document that describes the ADS characteristics from the viewpoint of the truck fleet managers and executives that will implement ADS-equipped trucks. As fleet mangers and trucking executives have asked, “How can I integrate ADS into my fleet operations?” The purpose of the CONOPS is to provide fleets, and those that work with fleets, with a “how-to” manual to support the integration of ADS technology into their existing operations.

In September 2019, the U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao announced grant funding award recipients for the Automated Driving Systems (ADS) Demonstration Grant Notice of Funding Opportunity. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) was the recipient of one such grant award that focused on developing a CONOPS in truck fleet operations. The proposed CONOPS will have multiple “pillars.” Each pillar represents an essential component in the ADS ecosystem that will need to be addressed as part of the implementation of ADS-equipped trucks.
During this session, panelists will address key CONOPS pillars including:
• ADS Installation and Maintenance Guide for Fleets
• ADS Inspection Procedures
• Driver-Monitor Alertness Management
• Motor Carrier Guide to Insuring ADS
• ADS Safety Metrics/Variables
• ADS Road Readiness Guide
• Data Security/Transfer Protocol
• Cybersecurity Documentation
Attend this session and learn the latest about this emerging project and
how it will impact your company’s operations.